How to Get Started

Translation Services

Please email or fax us your document. We'll send you a free written quote indicating the cost and turnaround time. If you do not have the actual document, please contact us by email or phone with as much of the following information as possible:

 Subject: Medical, legal, financial, or others.

 Source language: the language the document is written in.

 Target language: the language you want the document translated into.

 Number of words: If you don’t have the number of words, please tell us how many pages there are.

 Format: Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, Image FilesJPEG, etc.

 Due date.

If you accept and proceed with the translation, you will need to send the signed agreement via fax or email along with a 50% deposit. Your project coordinator will contact you and guide your translation to completion.

Interpretation Services

For the quickest response, please email or fax us the information by email through our website. We will then send you a free quote. Your needs will determine the mode and type of interpretation for your specific situation. We can help you decide which option is the best for you.

 Simultaneous interpretation

 Consecutive interpretation

Once you approve the quote, you will be contacted immediately by your professional project coordinator who will guide your interpretation assignment to completion.